Media Literacy and Consumers

Episode 2 · August 18th, 2019 · 8 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

Vesti FM's Sergey Kornievsky answers another qustion in the AMC Studio, this time on how to increase public interest in media literacy and who or what should drive this intitiative: Как заинтересовать потребителей медиа учиться медиаграмотности? От кого должна идти инициатива: от государства, от медиа, от образовательных институтов, от медиа коммьюнити?

Host/Creator - Joseph Crescente (Media Literacy Fellow, AMC)
Music Producer - Charlie Harper (
Executive Producer - Michelle Daniel

Recorded at the American Center in Moscow in July 2019. Visit for more information about programming and events at AMC.

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